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Pioneer of the Smallpox vaccine. Edward Jenner

Pioneer of the Smallpox vaccine. Edward Jenner

Are you familiar with the historical event which links dairymaids to the eradication of smallpox?┬áDon’t know the story?! Get it here.

The title of this post refers to a recent report about an 2008 incident involving a young lab worker in Virginia. In early July, the labworker began experiencing fever, eye swelling and lymph node tenderness that progressed over seven days. On July 2nd he visited a hospital to be evaluated. It was discovered that he had worked with Vaccinia virus (VAVC) on June 26 despite his earlier claim to the contrary. This early ommision caused physicians to priortize infection in the differential diagnosis throughout his 5-day treatment. Patient samples were sent to the Virginia Department of Health and Virginia Laboratory Response Network who were able to quickly identify the virus.

The academic institution underwent review and it was found that VAVC training was not mandatory for researchers who worked with the virus. As a result of the incident, vaccination is offered and VAVC training and counseling is mandatory for researchers working with the substance.

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