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“Crocidolite” Rock

Advertising for asbestos flooring circa 1965. How could you not want one after this commercial?

Asbestos is possibly one of the most notorious silicate minerals in history. There may be evidence of its problematic pulmonic properties as early as 3000 BC.  Certainly, Emperor Charlemagne might have preferred a less toxic choice of table cloth.

The CDC, whose website has seen a recent aesthetic upgrade, has some handy workplace recommendations for those who work in environments where asbestos is present. Among those at an increased exposure risk are automotive places (brakes & clutches), railroads and maritime operations.

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Occassionally, I come across old videos concerning work-related illness either through class or web-surfing. I will be posting those in order to catalogue them for my own sake. I’ll try to give some background and context with each as well.

The following is a 1938 clip warning of the dangers of inhaling Silica.

History of Silica Exposure

Silicosis is still one of the most prevalent work-related lung disease. There is no cure, so personal protective wear must be utilized to prevent disease. Here are a few tips for those working with Silica.

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