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Heinrich Unleashed

Herbert William Heinrich is one of the founding fathers of industrial safety and accident prevention.  In order to honor his legacy and update his contributions in the 21st century, I wrote two (2) articles that have now been published.  The first, Heinrich and Beyond, was published in Process Safety Progress in March.  The second, Heinrich’s Fourth Dimension, was just published in the Open Journal of Safety Science and Technology.  I hope you honor his contributions and read my meager offerings.


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Musical Commute

In a previous post, we’ve mentioned studies associating overtime work and extended work shifts with health outcomes. According to NIOSH, 35% of workplace fatalities are associated with motor vehicle accidents (approximately 2,000/yr.).  To mitigate this risk and curb these rush-hour calamities, many metropolitan areas have employed rails to convey its citizenry from home to work. In a creative intersection of occupational epidemiology in the interest of public health, a Swedish team demonstrates a novel approach to making the morning commute fun and safe.


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Possibly the texting device of choice for motorists.

Possibly the texting device of choice for motorists.

Whether you’re a truck driver or daily commuter, you have probably given thought to whether cell phone use should or should not be permitted while steering a multi-ton vehicle at high speeds. The state of Virginia has been proactive making text messaging illegal for motorists. House Bill (HB) 187, sponsored by Delegate John A. Cosgrove, was signed into law July 1st of this year.

The press release. Warning this links to a pdf – NOT a website.

The Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI) has been a main proponent of the research and legislation behind HB 187. The VTTI also hosts a few interesting topics on their page including “The 10 Most Dangerous Foods to Eat While Driving.”

Check it out.

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